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Welcome to fidele007 Repo.

fidele007 Repo is a personal repository for my personal projects, mostly iOS tweaks.

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  • Autocorrect Flipswitch for iOS9: Flipswitch toggle for Auto-Correction in iOS 9.
  • AlwaysMore for Spotlight: A simple tweak to always show more for iOS 9 Spotlight.
  • BackCamDefault: Set back camera as the default.
  • BetterBreadcrumb10: A better version of Breadcrumb10 tweak.
  • BetterVideo: Improve built-in video player with several features.
  • CallerIDToggle: Flipswitch to toggle Caller ID.
  • CardActivator: Activator actions via App Switcher card gestures.
  • CCLink: Copy now playing title/link from the Control Center by tapping and holding.
  • CydiaCounter: Count the number of installed packages in Cydia.
  • Echo: Make your device come alive with customizable sounds.
  • EmojiKey: Replace Dictation key with Emoji key 😃
  • Facebook Fonts Fix: Fix truncated Khmer text in Facebook app.
  • GoodAutoCorrect: Disable Auto-Correction automatically when you hide the prediction bar.
  • HomeWifi: Bypass passcode on known Wi-Fi.
  • HotDog: Make your device unique via customization with several little options.
  • iMessage Read Receipts Flipswitch: Flipswitch for Send Read Receipts in iMessage.
  • Khmer Lock Clock iOS 8 Cydget: Khmer Lock Clock for Cydget - works as long as Cydget is updated for new iOS versions.
  • LastGrabberApp: Last app on the bottom left of your lock screen.
  • LastNotification: Show your last notification via an Activator action.
  • MessengerNotification: Messages app-like notification for Messenger.
  • MultipleReturnToSender+: A better version of MultipleReturnToSender tweak.
  • NoP8geLimits: No SpringBoard and Folder page limits.
  • NormalBattery: Show normal battery color when Low Power Mode is enabled.
  • NotiCopy: Long press on notifications to copy the text.
  • OnlyActiveApps: Show only active apps in your App Switcher.
  • ShowSongMetadata iOS 9: Show song metadata in Music app with a press of a button.
  • Status Bar in App Switcher: Show status bar in App Switcher.
  • Swipe for Activator: Invoke Activator actions via swiping up and down on Lock Screen and Home Screen.
  • TripleSpace: Insert shortcut by tapping on the space bar three times in a row.
  • Universal Mute: Mute media volume when the ringer is muted.
  • VolumePageTurner: Turn pages in Kindle app using headset volume buttons.
  • WhatsAppCustomizer: Make your WhatsApp look unique with customization.